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AOedi AD301 China 3 Channel Dash Cam Supplier

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Experience the next level in dash cam technology with this innovative device, offering high-definition recording across three channels. The user-friendly touch screen ensures seamless navigation and control. Elevate your driving experience with the clarity and convenience of our 3-channel dash cam.

ODM 10.26 Carplay Factories

Effortlessly view real-time footage on your mobile phone through our dedicated app by connecting to the dash cam's WiFi. Enjoy a more convenient experience as you playback, download, edit, and effortlessly share recorded videos with friends or family on your favorite social media platforms. Stay connected and in control with our innovative dash cam features.

China 10.26 Carplay Supplier

Paired with an external GPS logger, our dash cam not only captures high-quality video footage but also records crucial data such as the vehicle's location, speed, and route. This additional information serves as valuable evidence in the unfortunate event of an accident, offering comprehensive documentation to support your case. Drive with confidence, knowing you have a reliable witness on the road.

China 10.26 Carplay Factories

Capturing three perspectives simultaneously, our dash cam features three lenses with a wide 140° angle. This setup effortlessly covers three lanes of traffic, significantly reducing blind spots and enhancing overall driving safety. Drive with confidence, knowing you have a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

China 2k Dashcam Manufacturer

Effortlessly navigate and review your dash cam footage with the user-friendly 4-inch high-definition touch screen. This feature not only enhances operational ease but also allows convenient playback of HD recorded videos anytime. Say goodbye to the hassle of checking recording files on your computer, as the intuitive touch screen provides a seamless experience for accessing and reviewing your driving footage.

China 2K Dash Camera Factories

Experience enhanced visibility in low-light conditions with the night vision function of the inside lens on this dashcam. Capture more details and record up to 1080P HD video, ensuring optimal video quality even in challenging lighting situations. This feature adds an extra layer of security, allowing you to drive confidently, day or night.

China 2k Dual Dash Cam Supplier


Front 2053/Inside 1054/Rear V09
Front 1080P/Inside 720P/Rear 480P
Display screen
4" IPS Touch Screen
View angle
140° wide angle
Loop recording
Motion detection
Memory card
Max support 32G
150mAh lithium battery
Package Included
1* Dash cam

1* Rear cam

1* Car charger
1* User Manual
(Not include TF card)

Installation guide

AOEDI 4 Channels 2K WiFi GPS Dash Cam AD-362-03 (2)

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