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4 channels dashcam provide front coverage with 4 1080p cameras. Recording road ahead, car cabin and road back simultaneously up to 1080p+1080P+1080P+1080P@30fps.

China 2k Dashcam Factory

Four cameras with almost no blind spots monitor the surrounding environment from different angles, ensuring you don't miss any corner or detail.

China Dashcam 4k Wifi Gps

The adjustable lens ensures a wide field of view for complete coverage of your driving conditions.

China 4k Dashcam Suppliers

1080p front and other cameras shot in QHD quality during the day and night, making it easier to read license plates and capture incidents with superb clarity.

China Car Windshield Camera

Built-in WiFi, Using the Roadcam App to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your phone. By using the app you can download your recorded videos directly to your smart phone and then easily share these on social media with friends and family.

China 4 Channel Dash Cam Dvr

Built-in GPS accurately records your driving location and speed. View your driving route and tracker via Wi-Fi using the App or with our computer.

China 10.26 Carplay Factories


Processor Type
Dual-core Cortex-A53 ARM architecture Main frequency 1.2GHz
Lens Model
2535-wyk-t5+2311-650-17.4mm 2G2P
View Angle
Front/Rear 150°,  Left/Right 140°
Video Resolution
1080P*4/ Front 2K+left 1080P+right 1080P
Image Format
Video Format
Screen size
Built-in RTC button battery
Loop recording, Motion detection, G-sensor, Built-in WiFi, External GPS, IR night vision, Software anti-shake
Package Included
1* Dash cam 

1* Rear camera
1* Rear camera cable
1* Car charger
1* GPS logger(Optional)
1* User Manual
1* Neutral box
(Not include TF card)




AOEDI 4 Channels 2K WiFi GPS Dash Cam AD-362-03 (1)

Installation guide

AOEDI 4 Channels 2K WiFi GPS Dash Cam AD-362-03 (2)

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